Friends Referral Offer

We have a friend referral offer.
If you refer your friend to Telcan then you will get referral credit $2 free for calling .The condition is your friend must purchase at least $10 with same E-mail ID on which you send him/her referral link.

In order to receive referral credit you need to fill out form on our Website under " Refer a friend" link. Once E-mail has been sent to your friend, he/she needs to sign up for our service for at least $10. When friend's account gets active our system will apply the credit automatically after 6pm EST every day. If the referral signed up after 6 pm, the credit will apply to your account the following day at the same time. To refer a friend, click here

Your friend must sign up for at least $10 with email address you have referred to get the $2.00 referral bonus. We process referral credit daily at 6 PM EST. After 6 PM EST your account will be updated automatically for referral credit.


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