Make Call Using Dial91

You can call using the following method and save big.

1. Mobile/Land line Phone:  Use access number: (213) 375-0883 (Check with your phone provider before use it) 

2. Skype: Add Skype id callus-1 to your Skype contact and make call

3. MagicJack: Use access number: (213) 375-0883

4. iPhone App: Use iPhone app

5. Android App: Use Android app

6. Access Number: Use access number: (213) 375-0883

7. Softphone: Download Softphone from the website to make call from PC

8. Vonage: Use access number: (213) 375-0883


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    My telephone number is (865) 247 6343. .I charged this number with $ 10.00 payment and when I dialed India a little while ago I was told that some $ 9.72 is still due to me. When I tried dialing another cal,ll I was told that there is no balance I mt contact you. When I Called your support tem I was told that (865) 247 6343 has been de activated. I do not understand how this has happened
    I have opted for "Pinless" dialing but still 3 out of 4 times I am asked to submit the pin number befoe I can dial.
    I am completely dissatisfied with your service and you must do something to improve your service so that I can talk to India without any problem.
    Also please give a Us number where I acn talk to you about the problems being faced by me

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    When Iam trying to make calls to India its going to a single number
    I am using the dial 91

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